The main advantage of Payam Saderat recycled base oil  Flash Point Min 220 deg C   &  Flash Point Min 200 deg C 

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The main advantage of Payam Saderat recycled base oil is the colour of this lubricant will not change for a long time and it is stable this colour stability has made it too popular in the market because it shows its high quality. Besides the colour stability, in the following there exist other reasons that Payam Sadeart supplies high-quality recycled base oil and it’s in the range of SN350.

Recycled base oil?

Recycle base oil produced with various methods such as distillation method, acidic method (sulfuric acid), non-acidic method (alkaline – bentonite or dye), centrifugation, and hydrogenation.
First, used oil is purchased from places such as mechanics and oil changes. Then, they store them in the factory and begin the refining stages. There are often some contaminations, e.g. water, diesel and heavy metal shavings in the purchased oil, which are separated at first.

Why our products are eco-friendly?

Each gallon of waste oil can contaminate 250,000 gallons of groundwater and its deposition in the soil prevents the growth of plants.
Therefore, its disposal is legally prohibited in industrialized countries. Furthermore, burning waste oil is hazardous and dangerous.
Waste oil is a heterogeneous mixture of low-flammable components such as gasoline and light solvents, which can explode exposing them to fire. Additionally, burning used oil pollutes the air because it contains metals that enter the air through the smoke.
But only 10% of the 1.3 billion gallons of used engine oil are refined worldwide each year. Hence, Recycled base oil accounts for 5% of the lubricants market.

What are recycled oil applications? 

Due to its low price, the recycled base oil is applicable for lubricating electric motors, large industrial chainsaws, old motors in mechanical and industrial machines, and simple devices. It is practical in many industrial sites, factories, and some car repair shops.
In some countries, recycled oil is extremely popular as a fuel supplement.

Optimal Recycling Oil Transportation Solutions

What is the best transportation for recycled oil?

A  Flexi-bag, also known as Flexitank, is a thick bag for conveying containers of non-corrosive and non-hazardous liquids. The maximum tolerable temperature in Flexitank is +70 °C, and the minimum tolerable temperature is -50 °C.

Also, Payam Saderat has good facilities for filling recycled base oil in palletised New steel drums or Harmonized colour used drum base on customer’s instruction.


suitable range 

Its flash point is in a suitable range

suitable range 

Its flash point is in a suitable range


suitable range 

Its flash point is in a suitable rang

suitable range 

Its flash point is in a suitable rang

Types of Flexi tanks

Based on the number of discharge and loading valves and their location, Flexi-bags contain three categories as below.

Single valve Flexi tank 

 loading and unloading valve located on the top or at the bottom

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Two-valve Flexi tank 

 the loading valve is on the top, and the discharge valve is at the bottom

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Advantages of transporting recycled oil by Flexitanks

F lexitank has reduced the cost of non-hazardous materials transportation compared to ISO Tanks and other methods of transportation such as barrels, IBCs, and tankers.
The top and bottom valves provide a variety of loading and unloading capabilities. After unloading, the size of the Flexitank shrinks to about one cubic meter by folding, which is equal to 2% of its loaded size. These are some of the advantages of Flexitank:


portability without changing the container

Facile transportation

by a variety of vehicles and containers

One-way shipping

no need to return the container

Simple loading

Simple loading and unloading by just one person

Prevents contamination

Prevents contamination

Recycled Base Oil Specification

Specification of Payam Saderat Recycled Base Oil SN-350






Kinematic Viscosity @ 100  ˚ C

ASTM D-445




Kinematic Viscosity @ 40 ˚C

ASTM D-445




Viscosity Index

ASTM D-2270




Flash Point





Density @15 ˚C

ASTM D-4052





ASTM D-1500